WildZests: Xmas Tree at Leela Palace - Dec 2013

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Xmas Tree at Leela Palace - Dec 2013

Gozu was out on business travel through the first half of December, and that meant that the father-daughter duo had to find things to do over the weekend. One such weekend, we joined a couple of more friends on the expedition to go see the big Xmas tree that is put up at the Leela Palace Galleria. Not knowing how big a tree it was going to be, I wasn't carrying a wide angle lens (big mistake). The tree was about 3 storeys high and with the limited area to shoot around it, it would have needed atleast a 16-17mm lens to fit it in the frame.


Anyways, the tree was an exciting thing for the kids, they had a fun time around it as well as at the cookie house where both of them got their share of goodies.

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