WildZests: August 2012

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Waterlilies At Nigeen Lake

A morning shikara ride at the lake took us through a lovely lotus farm followed by the waterlilies that filled the landscape with bright yellow spots. Though I've never fancied the idea of roaming around like honeymooners, this is one experience that l wouldnt regret.

The lake's ecosystem is quite fascinating but the amount of lives that depend on it is simply huge. Appoximately 5000 houses exist on the islands of the twin lakes, add to that the domestic animals and then the bird life that is dependent on it. All of this makes me wonder whether our stay at the scenic lake is helping the local economy or destroying the natural habitat.

I do see that the locals respect the lake and the non-motorized shikaras help in keeping the lake free from pollution. Yet there's trash thrown around at different places by ignorant tourists and there were small number of motor boats luring people into adventure water sports. Hopefully there's enough being done to preserve the beautiful water bodies for the future generations.