WildZests: My Travails of Travel in Dec 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Travails of Travel in Dec 2011

After the trip to Goa, a lot still lies ahead of me and I'm wondering if all of it can be accomplished without going through too much pain. The answer to my question may not be easy, but I'm hoping that the end result is good.

Looked at the map to see where all I'm visiting and the distance calculator showed roughly about 7000kms on the road for this month. I'm sure that by the end of the month the figure would be roughly about 7500kms. With 1300kms already done last week, there's still a good 6k+ to go and the countdown begins for tonight where I'll be off for a 1200kms journey in 2 days and possibly a one-day trip to Bandipur or Kabini on Sunday if time permits.

Over these months, I keep wondering if Pozu really can handle all of this, but her energy levels through the trip reassure me that she's born tough. One day, she'll grow up to be a wild wanderer!

Adios till I get back early next week....hopefully with some pictures from the wild too!

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