WildZests: The Beauty Of Black N White!

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Beauty Of Black N White!

We say most animals are color "blind", but isn't it true that we can't see things the way they see it!

A simple scene can look magical in grayscale while it may look just ordinary to the naked human eye. Shooting B/W isn't an easy game, you need a strong composition and a perfect balance between the blacks, whites and grays. In today's digital age, we rarely choose to shoot b/w and that's because the camera anyways captures the color details when you shoot RAW. However, it is important that you actively look out for the potential of a possible B/W print while you process your images.

With wildlife, it's primarily about documenting the shot in the most natural form and unnatural color processing etc may look odd. However, black and white still maintains it charm and does give the picture a different feel altogether.

Tech Specs:

Canon 1D Mark IV + Canon 600mm F4 L IS with a 1.4x TC
Shot at 840mm, 1/160s, F8 at ISO 100

Nilgai @ Velavadar

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