WildZests: An Encounter With The Jungle Cat

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An Encounter With The Jungle Cat

As I stopped by a spot to look for some bar headed geese who were camping at a distance from the shoreline, I could notice that there was a lot of commotion near the bushes under a tree and the jungle babblers had gone awry. That's when I got a glimpse of a jungle cat who was hiding inside and that explained the alarm calls.

I setup my tripod and sat at a distance anticipating the cat to make it's move. A guide who was accompanying some foreign tourists had also seen the cat and wanted to wait there but his clients thought otherwise. So I sat there alone, watching the bushes and was getting the camera adjusted on the tripod when suddenly the cat made an appearance and walked down the trail. I was cursing myself for the missed opportunity since I could have gotten a really good shot of it coming out of the bush. But now all I could do was to follow it in through the bushes and see if I can get another opportunity.

The good thing was that it stopped after a bit and was watching something to hunt, that's when I got that little window of opportunity to make this shot. Again, this wasn't the best setting but I was happy that I could atleast get a record shot after the little mess up.

Jungle Cat

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