WildZests: Roam Anywhere - Moreh Plains

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Roam Anywhere - Moreh Plains

For me, Ladakh has always been about travel and not just sightseeing. The destination is never as exciting as the journey itself and to enjoy it at the fullest, you need to be connected with the whole environment through your journey. A bike ride offers an excellent opportunity to do just that!

While you ride through some of the harshest terrains which take toll on your bike, it presents you with a lot of problem solving situations where your risk appetite is tested. The safest way isn't always the most exciting and what's the point of doing an adventure road trip if one doesn't take any risk. One such place is Moreh plains where you can virtually ride anywhere between those two mountain ranges for a good 30-35 odd kilometers.

The land is perfectly flat with the tracks varying from small rocks to gravel to dry flat land with patches of soft clay-like mud. Even though there are no ups and downs, the biggest risk is getting your front tyre sunk in one of those soft mud pits, which can easily mean a nasty fall. Even though there's no threat to your life, there's always a threat of getting injured so one needs to ride carefully.

Here's a shot from one of my first trips to the magical land of Ladakh:

Moreh Plains