WildZests: BODA Offroaders Jamboree - October 2013

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BODA Offroaders Jamboree - October 2013

For the first time the BODA guys had announced a one-day competitive offroad type of event. Since it was happening in Bangalore on a weekend, there was really no question of whether to attend or not. There were quite a few cleverly designed obstacles, most of which were time based except for one which needed a lot of  skill to bring back maximum amount of water in the bucket tied on the bonnet after crossing a few obstacles on the way.

The jeep was all prepped up before the event and it was raring to go.


As usual I couldn't get pictures of myself driving through the obstacles, but we thoroughly enjoyed it anyways. However, there were a few interesting events that did get captured on my camera though. This one was a fellow offroader from Chennai with his Ford Endeavour trying to climb on to a rocky obstacle. He finally managed to get on but not without putting/moving some stones to help him out.


This one is the famous "Arka" with his multi-faceted Jeep doing the same obstacle.


And finally, this is the gang of jeeps we had for the event, although we're missing one more jeep due to a breakdown.


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