WildZests: Agastya - The Legend of Bandipura

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Agastya - The Legend of Bandipura

At 13+ years behind him, Agastya is definitely past his prime but his majesty is still the King. This was my second sighting of this male cat and he was kind enough to stick around for a good 20 mins until he disappeared in the thick of the jungle. Given his years of experience with humans coming in close range in the park, he appeared non-chalant with the presence of several jeeps lined up through the track while he walked leisurely along a grassy patch by the roadside.

Of all the sightings so far, he'll always remain special to me and Gozu and not to forget, Pozu. He's the first tiger Pozu ever saw in the wild and he's also the one who's gotten her the name "Anastya". During our visits to Bandipur, we kept seeing pictures of this majestic king and were keen that if we get a son, he would be named Agastya. So Anastya was derived out of his name, and technically speaking its not a registered name and doesnt hold a meaning as yet. (though I tell people its the sanskrit'ized version of Anastasia)

Tech Specs
Canon 7D + 70-200L
Shot at 200mm, 1/60s, f4, ISO 200

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