WildZests: The glowing Lily!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The glowing Lily!

There was a phase when I was hooked on to doing flower abstracts and I can tell you that its a very interesting topic if you want to try out some quick indoor setups. They actually make some good wall hangings for the house if you get some good ones. Slowly the season changed and the flowers werent as good as they used to be and then the topic just got lost in the array of things to do.

A couple of things that one needs to keep in mind while doing flower abstracts, it needs plenty of light and a nice background. So either you try it on a nice and bright day or have some good artificial lighting available indoors. Also, unlike the traditional macro shots which are shot at smaller apertures to increase the DOF, the abstracts are usually shot with a shallow DOF keeping the lens wide open. This one was made at the Kabini JLR garden on one fine morning, its a nice while garden lily which can be found in most parts of the city as well.

Tech Specs:
Canon 40D + Canon 100mm Macro
Shot at 100mm, 1/500s, f2.8, ISO 200

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