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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Scenic View For The Err'ing Souls!

On one of those aimless wandering days in Goa, we suddenly found ourselves on the road to Fort Aguada. Actually we were a bit lost since I missed a turn and when you dont have much to do, these missed landings are the best things that can happen to you!

The previous day Gozu had mentioned that she hadn't been to the fort and wanted to see it. However, as we neared the fort she suddenly had a memory flash and it all started coming back to her! She started talking about coming there when she was a kid. Not only that, she also remembered the place which was just off the road with a beautiful view of the sea and the fort.

There was quite some car and bus traffic going towards the fort and that put us off the idea of going to see it. I had been to the fort some years back on a fateful trip with some friends and didnt really fancy the idea of going back again. So we turned off the road about half a kilometer before the fort on to this secret place. The view was great and the best thing was it was only us to see it.

This was one trip where I actually remembered of getting some pictures of my car and this was a good photo opportunity. I cursed myself for not carrying the 24-105 and then tried to get whatever I could get with the 50mm. Here's one of those shots:

Tech Specs:
Canon 7D + Canon 50mm F1.4
Shot at 50mm, 1/2500s, F2 and ISO 200

As we stood there and admired the brown muddy sea, I was wondering about who stayed at the white structure below the fort. The buildings seemd like old heritage property and the lone coconut tree peeping out at the sea was picturesque. I imagined how one could just sit by the sea in a place like that and keep staring at "nothing" over the horizon. I think I even made a comment about how lucky to have a place like that to stay!

Tech Specs:
Canon 7D + Canon 50mm F1.4
Shot at 50mm, 1/6400s, F2 and ISO 200

On our way back, Gozu talked about this nice property that someone had on the road towards the Aguada jail. So we took the turn and there was this palatial house built on the slope of the hill facing the sea. As we came ahead on that road, we reached the white structure that I saw at the bottom of the hill. The board at the gate read "Central Jail". I was originally under the impression that the jail would be a historic monument type of thing, but here they had visitor timings listed and a sentry at the gate too. Never before had I imagined a jail with a view like that one but now I wasn't sure if anyone could be called "lucky" to enjoy that view!

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