WildZests: Updates from Goa!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Updates from Goa!

So off we were to Goa for a 4 day vacation and just as we were getting into the holiday mood, we were back in Bangalore!

All my plans of spending some time on photography failed. First, it was the Ranebennur sanctuary which was closed when we reached there at 7.30AM. Then we had a couple of failed attempts to visit the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, mainly due to the weather conditions and the government holidays. To add to this, I left behind the 24-105 at home which put me at a serious disadvantage of clicking landscape pictures with the 50mm which was the widest lens available with me.

Anyways, there were no regrets since we did enjoy our time thoroughly. Photos or no photos, Goa never disappoints you and the rainy weather was good to keep the lazy holiday mood alive. All we did was to roam around the city a bit, return back to the hotel and sit around in one of the zillion food joints in and around Baga beach. There was quite some crowd in that area given the time of the year.

This was Pozu's first time at the beach and she seemed to have enjoyed it fully. Here's a picture of Gozu and Pozu chasing the waves...

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