WildZests: Two Little Terns

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Two Little Terns

An early morning trip to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary enroute Bandipur yielded great results. There were two River Tern fledglings that were pretty friendly to let us watch them at close quarters. At one point in time the boat was so close to the rock that I had to ask the boatman to move further back since I wasn't able to get them in the frame individually. The light was great and the green waters of the Cauvery made for a good background.

At about a month old, they were able to make short flights but were still dependent on the parents for food. We did get to experience the feeding session however their placement on the rock didn't favor good photography. I wanted to have a picture of both of them together and after a lot of moving around the boat, I was finally able to get them fitted into a single picture. Had to stop down quite a bit to get the DOF right since they were almost never in the same plane of focus.

Tech Specs:

Canon 1D Mark IV + Canon 600mm F4 L IS
Shot at 600mm, 1/320s, F14 and ISO 200

River Tern Chicks

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